Stick to That Juice Cleanse!

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So you’ve committed yourself to doing a three day juice cleanse or maybe even a seven day cleanse and now you’re having trouble sticking with it?  There are many reasons to start a cleanse and many reasons why you might
feel like breaking it early. Here’s some tips to help get you through the rough parts.  Let’s find out what might be causing you to want to stop.

1.  Are you experiencing symptoms of detox, known as a healing crisis?  Some discomfort is to be expected when you’re cleansing.  A slight headache, body aches, irritability and bad breath are signs that your body is responding to the process and attempting to remove toxins.  These are normal and are classified as discomforts.  They should subside within one to two days.  Try some meditation or herbal baths to release tensions and discomforts.  If, however, you are experiencing pain or vomiting, these are more serious.  Keep a close eye on these signs of pain as they could be indications of more serious health concerns that you may not even be aware of.  If pain does not lessen within 24 hours, consult a qualified health practitioner.

Remember to adequately prepare before cleansing.  This will help to minimize side effects.

2.  Are you feeling so hungry you just want to eat something?  To avoid this in the first place, it is best to start reducing your food intake days before the cleanse.  If you’re consuming enough juice you should not be getting hungry. But if you’re in the middle of the cleanse and you feel like you need more, start by drinking some herbal tea.  This can make the routine seem more interesting without giving up.  Continue drinking water!  Some people add a fiber supplement because it will bulk up any waste in the colon and make you feel more full.  I suggest re-focusing your attention.  Do a relaxing activity that brings you joy.  Spend time talking with friends and family.  Sometimes we only think we’re hungry and when we’re otherwise occupied the hunger will subside.

3.  Are you feeling too shaky?  This can happen if you’re adding too much fruit juice to the cleanse.  You’re body may detox and burn the sugar calories too quickly and you end up crashing.  When this happens you may feel like quitting, because you’re emotions and nerves are affected.  Cut back on the fruits in your juice or try an all vegetable juice.

Many people have made it through this process and you can too!  Relax and enjoy how much better you will feel after your juice cleanse.  If you have to cut out early, don’t stress.  You can always try again in a few months.

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