Blackberries for Weight Loss

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Are you looking for a way to lose a few extra pounds or maintain your current weight without sacrificing flavor and enjoyment? Try blackberries for weight loss and health maintenance. Studies show that people who eat a diet rich in flavonoids tend to gain less.


The deep color of blackberries indicates the presence of flavonoids, which are powerful phytonutrients with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits. Blackberries are high in a specific type of flavonoid called anthocyanins, also commonly found in strawberries, cherries, blueberries, grapes, radishes and blackcurrants. Over all, when your immune system is healthy and you consume the right foods (like berries), your body is able to function at a higher level which often results in shedding small amounts of unnecessary weight.

Ways Blackberries Contribute to Weight Loss

Low in Calories and Sugar
Blackberries contain only 62 calories per cup (144 g) and they are among fruits containing the least amount of sugar with only 7 grams per cup. Lower amounts of sugar means you won’t crash and burn after eating blackberries.

High in Fiber
You might be surprised to learn that blackberries contain 8 grams of fiber per cup. The fact that these little berries are mostly just seeds and skin contributes to their high fiber count. It’s the fiber that helps you feel full after eating so you don’t need to reach for snacks as often. Plus the fiber helps your digestive system work smoothly so you don’t build up extra weight and toxins inside your body.

How to Consume Blackberries for Weight Loss

You can certainly juice blackberries for a delicious and healthy drink, however you may want to consider eating the whole blackberry for its fiber content to aid in weight maintenance and weight loss. Add blackberries to a fruit salad or even a green salad (add a healthy vinaigrette dressing). You can also add blackberries to your favorite green smoothie recipe or just pop a few in your mouth as a sweet and healthy in between meal snack.

Blackberry Smoothie Recipes

If you’re looking for healthy blackberry recipes to try, you’ll love my three favorite Blackberry Smoothie Recipes.


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