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careywithpuppies_medHi!  My name is Carey (Kingsbury) Avalon, I’m a health conscious wife and mom of two, exploring my role as active participant in the health of myself and my family.  From experience I know that when I listen to my body and treat it properly, it responds positively, providing me with energy, endurance, and a positive glow inside and out.

I participate in regular cleanses and bring to you my best recommendations from my personal experience and/or thorough research.  All this is in the hopes to inspire you to be active in your health and live life to the fullest.

I have studied herbalism, but am not a licensed medical doctor.  Therefore, this website provides information only.  Please be responsible and do your own research on your particular health needs and consult  your doctor before taking on any new health programs.

My Juice Cleanse
Follow me on my journey through all things related to a juice cleanse. A juice cleanse is sometimes referred to as a juice fast or a master cleanse. All of the terms imply a liquid only diet, designed to rid the body of built up toxins. You’ll find a lot of information and opinions out there on the internet about juice cleansing and detoxification, varying from useful resources to harmful fads. I hope you’ll view this blog site as a useful resource and visit often.

I’ll be compiling and writing articles on juicing instruction, benefits, and techniques, as well as posting recipes to get you started. You’ll learn why I prefer the term juice cleanse and I’ll show you how to incorporate a juice cleanse into your lifestyle and routine. There is no one size fits all program here and if you’ve been reluctant to try cleansing, you might be pleasantly suprised.

When I embark on a new project, hobby, or spiritual adventure I always start with a good reference book. That’s why I recommend to you The Juicing Bible, by Pat Crocker. In addition to some 250 recipes, she explains how juicing benefits your health and how to get started. Also, if you’re suffering from a health condition, she provides insight on how particular juices may benefit you.

So, join me today. Check out my recent posts on the right sidebar and look for articles and recipes under pages. Let me know what you’d like to see on this site by clicking on the contact me button. Enjoy your stay and good luck on your journey into juicing!

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  1. Yea!! I finally found #1- great recipes and #2-a responsible well juice educated fellow health addict!! Hello to my newest friend!!