Easy Transition Into Juice Cleansing

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The main goal of juice cleansing is to help the digestive system return to a state of peak performance and provide a quick shot of essential nutrients.  It does require some planning, though and some people may perceive it as being too complicated or time consuming.  Since juicing requires a juicer machine, and not all homes have one of these, the cost to buy one may seem prohibitive.  If you fall into this category and are unsure about making the plunge into juicing for a cleanse or as a lifestyle, I can suggest an easy transition for you.

I do believe that juicing is one of the best and effective ways for assisting the detox process, however, if this seems too daunting for you at the moment, you might try making smoothies in the blender.  There are two main differences between smoothies and extracted juices.  First of course is the appliance.  If you have a blender you can make smoothies.  You already know how much clean up is required for a blender, and maybe you’ve made some fruit and yogurt smoothies, but try making a green smoothie with some fresh veggies.  Which brings me to the second difference between blending and juicing:  fiber.  Juicing removes all the fiber for a reason.  It eases the digestion because without the fiber, the juice is mostly absorbed into the bloodstream.  This is why juicing is better for a cleanse.

Smoothies are great, healthy additions to any diet and they can assist you greatly in making the transition into juicing and doing a juice cleanse.  I have both a blender and a juicer machine in my home and use both on a regular basis and I believe that all the costs and efforts involved are truly worthwhile.  Just as anything, after you add a new element to your lifestyle and make it a habit, the task seems easy and even enjoyable.  So what are you waiting for!  😉

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