Hungry For Change Review and DVD Giveaway

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So many people wake up in the mornings and they are tired, sick, and generally not happy with themselves and their lives. Statistics in the Journal of American Medical Association show that 68% of US adults are overweight or obese. How did this happen, really? And how do we get ourselves out of this condition?

These are the questions addressed in the documentary Hungry for Change. (Keep reading for the giveaway below)

This film takes a critical look at the food industry who serves up “food like products”. The food manufacturing industry designs products to make us feel good initially, but which are lacking in nutrients to sustain a well balanced life free from obesity and degenerative diseases.

By watching this movie you’ll learn how refined sugars and sugar substitutes are addictive drugs making us sick. We all know that sugar is bad, but when you hear it compared to the drug cocaine, it takes on a whole new level of nastiness.

You may be shocked and saddened by some of the information you hear, but Hungry for Change is also a motivational film which encourages you to take your health into your own hands. I love this film because it supports what I’ve known for many years, that juicing is the “ultimate fast food” and that a natural food diet can give you a healthy glow, reduce aches and pains and improve your mental outlook.

Juicing and cleansing fans will see some familiar faces in this film. Look for Kris Carr, Joe Cross, Jason Vale, Dr. Alejandro Junger and more:

These people are among the most respected and trusted names in the natural health industry. Many of them have overcome significant health and weight issues and know first hand how to break out of the traps of the modern food and diet industry. Hear about how you can make changes in your own life directly from their words.

Now for the Giveaway:


Prize #1 – One copy of the Hungry for Change DVD along with the Food Matters natural recipe cookbook (including juices and smoothies) plus two magnets.

Prize #2 – Two copies of my Kindle Ebook Healthy Juice Recipes.

The contest ends Tuesday September 4 at midnight EST. Winners are selected at random by rafflecopter. Please follow the widget below for entry methods.

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