True or False? Cleansing Myths Explained

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cleansing myths

There have always been wild claims on both sides of the juicing and cleansing issue.  Some say it’s an immediate cure all for everything  and some say it’s bogus and even detrimental.  So where in all this does the truth lie?  I found this article on CNN today in which the founders of BluePrint Cleanse set the record straight.  Okay folks, this may not be scientific information here, but it’s the common sense type of approach that is user-friendly and could help motivate us Average Joes to start that juice cleanse.

The Truth About Five Cleansing Myths: As Explained by Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss
1. A juice cleanse is really a fast!
“A fast is a fast – no food, drink (other than usually water) or many other nutrients. A juice cleanse like ours is loaded with fruits and veggies, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes — in fact a day’s serving of BPC includes 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables a day.

The goal of each is to give the digestive system a chance to rest and rejuvenate by suspending it from work, but a cleanse is much easier on the system and provides a full day’s worth of nutrients. This is not about deprivation, it’s about nourishment!”

2. A cleanse is only for people who don’t care about food or what it tastes like.
“Wrong – We love food! Our motto is ‘Work Hard, Play Hard, Cleanse, Repeat.’ Indulging (in moderation) is good for the soul – but you do need to give your body a rest from time to time.

Coming from the restaurant and bar biz, we set out to make sure that our juices are perfectly balanced and taste delicious. We’ve got tons of loyal chef clients to prove it!

An added perk – a few days of juice allows you to ‘reset’ your palate, and most people find that everything tastes better following a cleanse, but perhaps now they’re having a salad alongside their pork belly.”

3. I’ll be hungry and cranky if I do a cleanse, and I can’t justify that.
“This is probably myth #1. Here’s the deal: if you live like a rock star and don’t bother to prepare yourself to transition into a cleanse, you will feel like crap on the first day.

But if you actually follow prep guidelines and EASE into your cleanse, your body will already be familiar with fresh clean foods that absorb rapidly and the chances of you feeling hungry or sluggish are much lower.

Remember – 20 pounds of fruits and veggies a day – you are not starving! The idea here is that drinking juice throughout the day keeps your metabolic rate steady, instead of the peaks and valleys that come with digesting a heavy breakfast and lunch.”

4.The body is designed to self-cleanse so this is not something that I need to do.
“Yes, it’s true that the human body is an amazing machine, but there is such thing as taking this too literally. Our bodies are designed to ‘clean house’ on a regular basis, but that’s when we’re talking about food that comes from nature in the first place.

The digestive system did not develop to digest anything called ‘processed cheese food,’ low-carb tortillas, soy milks, fake meat, or even that simple and delicious dirty martini.”

5. A cleanse is really just an extreme version of a quick-fix weight loss gimmick.
“Nope. While it’s true that you will probably drop a few pounds from going off solid foods and cleaning up your diet, the benefits from a few days of fresh juice go way beyond the flat belly. Many people feel more rested, increased levels of energy, increased sex drive, brighter eyes and a ‘glowy’ complexion.

And again, this is not about extremes or deprivation.

In addition to the hefty dose of produce in a day of juice, we’ve even added some extra fat and protein with our cashew milk, so it’s a far more nutritionally sound regimen than a fast.”

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