Juice Cleansing Boosters

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Juice cleansing works best when you make it a part of your lifestyle and daily health routine.  A routine encourages repetition, which in turn helps create habits.  A healthy lifestyle in my view, includes a regular juice detox.  There are also a number of other healthy practices I like to include when I’m juicing and detoxing.  These are like “cleanse boosters” that support the body and aid the healing process.

  1. Hydrotherapy – There are a number of different techniques used in hydrotherapy.  Aromatherapy baths relax the body and mind with herbs.  Saunas help the body release toxins through sweating.  Hot/cold alternating water in the shower stimulates the immune system.
  2. Exercise – A light routine of exercise along with a juice cleanse helps to oxygenate the blood and lift the spirits.  Walking, yoga, and deep breathing exercises are some of the methods I prefer.
  3. Herbs and supplements – Prior to and after a cleanse we can help our body’s ongoing detoxification with natural herbs and supplements.  Herbs are natural medicines.  Some can help build the immune system while others assist the colon, liver, and kidneys to remove wastes.  There are too many specifics for me to address in this post.  For more information on herbs and products that assist the digestive system I recommend you visit Dr. Brenda Watson’s site.  Probiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants are some of the other supplements that assist the digestive/detoxification process and Dr. Watson addresses those as well.

With a holistic approach you’ll enjoy much greater success on your next your juice cleanse. Try adding some of these tips into your daily routine and notice the benefits.

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