How to Store Your Fresh Juice

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store juice

You know that fresh juice right out of the juicer is best, but it’s not always practical, right?  And I know you might not have the time to be juicing several times per day.  So is it possible to make a batch of juice ahead of time and store it for later?  Yes, with a little know-how you can keep your juices for up to 24 hours.

The biggest concern for keeping juices fresh is oxidation.   During the juicing process, fruits and vegetables are broken open and their enzymes and other nutrients are released from the fiber.   When the juice is exposed to air it gives up an electron to the oxygen in the air, thus oxidizing the juice and making it less nutritionally stable.  If you can reduce the amount of time the juice is exposed to the air and seal it up quickly you have a better chance of keeping the nutrients intact.

Juicing in Bulk

One of our readers, Kelly, has been kind enough to share her method and photos of how she stores her bulk juices.  This is a great way to prepare for a juice cleanse. You can read more about her juicing journey on her blog Happy Healthy Inspiration.

You’ll need a few 16 oz. mason jars, a sharpie marker, enough fruits and vegetables to make a day’s worth of juice and some recipes to follow.

Make your first juice recipe and then:

1.  Fill a mason jar all the way to the top with juice.  The goal is no air inside the jar.

2.  Seal the lid tightly.  Keep some extra lids around in case the seals go bad.

3.  Mark the outside of the jar with the ingredients and the date (and perhaps the time) the juice was made.

4.  Store in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

store juice

Extra Tips from Carey:

*  add 1/2 to 1 lemon to your juice recipe.  Lemons contain antioxidants and citric acid which discourages oxidation.

* Rinse your juicer (at least the basket) between recipes to keep the flavors separate.

*  Each jar holds one 16 ounce serving.  Do not drink half and then put it back in the refrigerator.

* You can flash freeze juices following these instructions.

* You can purchase 16oz Ball Mason jars here.

* Glass jars are most ideal.  If you must use plastic, be sure to get BPA free plastic.

images courtesy of Happy Healthy Inspiration.

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