How to Get Through the Holiday on a Juice Fast

holiday juice fast

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The approaching holidays are a time for gathering together of family and friends while celebrating with food.  While it’s great fun to visit and reconnect it can also be a time of great stress and pressure.  This is especially true if you are bypassing the the holiday turkey because you’re on a holiday juice fast.

Are you worried what your family might think or sad because you feel you can’t sit at the dinner table?  Fear not, if you are well prepared you can sail through this year’s holiday season with ease.

Here are some holiday juice fast tips you can use:

1.  Delegate food preparation.  Is the holiday dinner at your house this year?  For some people who are juice fasting it is difficult to prepare food for others.  The sights and sounds may either repulse you or tempt you to sneak a bite.  Turn the festivities into a potluck event.  Explain your situation to others and ask them to help by bringing their favorite dish.  Alternatively you can order food from a local restaurant,  just remember to plan ahead.

And speaking of planning ahead…

2.  Don’t skip a juice “meal”.  What if you’re having such a great time at your holiday party that your forget to drink your juice?  Don’t get stuck in this scenario because you might be tempted to eat solid food.  Have some vegetables and fruits pre-washed and cut so they are ready for juicing at a moment’s notice.  If there’s no way you’ll be able to make juice during the party then make a pitcher of juice ahead of time and drink it throughout the day.

But what if the situation is just too awkward?

3.  Make juice a part of the holiday meal.  Rather than explain to everyone why you’re not eating, encourage the others to join you!  Make juice as the “soup” course of your dinner.  Serve it in decorative bowls and eat it with a spoon!  In the event that your guests might not want a cold soup, gently warm the juice over a low heat and enjoy.

While food is certainly the center of holiday traditions, it’s not the only event going on.

4. Focus your attention elsewhere.  To help take your mind off of food spend some time playing card games with the kids or looking at family photo albums.  Of course there’s always the holiday football game and after dinner nap you could participate in!

Make the holiday’s joyous whether you’re juice fasting or not.  There’s no need to get into a debate about the pros and cons of your diet.  Everyone makes their own decisions.  But you can lead by example and be a positive role model.  And maybe at the end of the party someone will ask for your juice recipe!

Will juicing be a part of your holiday festivities?  How do you plan on handling it?

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