15 Cool Gadgets for Juicing and Beyond

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All in all I can’t complain.  Juicing is pretty easy.  But sometimes when I’m cutting and coring a pineapple I wish there was an easier and better way to do it.  So I went searching for the coolest items to help with prepping, serving, and storing juice.

I’ve compiled a list of my top 15 picks for juicing accessories and gadgets.  Some are necessary and some are purely fun.  Hopefully some of these will even please the budget conscious and the eco conscious.  If you’re inclined to purchase these babies straight away I’ve included links for you!
1.  Paring knife – Perhaps this one goes without saying, but it really is important.  A good paring knife makes life in the kitchen much easier.  Knifes can vary greatly in quality and price.  I’ve been using this J.A. Henckels paring knife for several years.  It stays sharp and fits my hand well.

paring knife



2. Cutting board – On my list of essential qualities of a good cutting board are a handle, a groove, dishwasher safe, and non-slip.  The fact that this Grand Epicure polypropylene board comes in several colors is just a plus.

cutting board



3. Vegetable brush – It’s important to make sure your vegetables are clean. This bamboo brush from Natural Home Decor has a great design to fit well in your palm.  Bamboo is eco friendly, water resistant, and won’t collect bacteria.

vegetable brush



4.  Vegetable peeler – Another basic kitchen item which you may already have. I don’t need anything fancy in a vegetable peeler. The OXO vegetable peeler is just right for me.  It has some swivel but not so much that I lose control. It also works for left handed people like me.

vegetable peeler



5. Apple corer – Many juicers today can fit a whole apple in the chute.  However there are many occasions where you need to core an apple or pear.  This is a handy tool to have around it you have kids because it makes serving fresh fruit easy and quick. Made by Calphalon.

apple corer

6. Pineapple corer – Item number one on my wish list (honey are you reading this?). We absolutely love pineapple in our family and I am extremely messy when it comes to cutting them.  If I had this item I can just imagine that my life would be like living in a tropical island resort…..

pineapple corer slicer


7. Citrus peeler – I hate getting orange peel under my fingernails.  So I always keep a citrus peeler around.  These guys are so cheap and you can buy them at any store.  But here are some fun peeling “rings” by Chef Craft. They come in a set of four probably because if you’re anything like me these little guys get lost easily.

citrus peeler

8. Measuring cups – A good set of measuring cups makes you feel like a professional chef. I like to imagine that I’m Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa.  Some juicing recipes call for  a cup of berries or spinach, so it’s definitely useful. These Amco stainless steel measuring cups are the ones I use because they are beautiful and sturdy.

measuring cups


9. Strawberry stem remover– Well I just use a knife for removing strawberry stems, and if I’m juicing I don’t even do that.  But this little item from Chef’n is just so cute how could I resist?  This would definitely come in handy for a party where you want to make a beautiful presentation.

strawberry stem remover



10. Reusable produce bags – Listen up green consumers!  You can take these produce bags to the market for purchasing your produce.  They’re reusable so you are saving on plastic and saving the earth. Go you! These Flip & Tumble mesh bags come in a set of 5, are lightweight, and color coded.

reusable produce bags


11. Produce saver disk – Once you’ve gotten all your produce home, you want to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible. This Extra Life produce saver disk claims to keep them fresh for 3 times longer.  Though is doesn’t state on the Amazon link, I believe the disk absorbs the ethylene gas that some veggies emit.  Haven’t tried these yet but hope to soon.

produce saver disk


12. Lettuce keeper – Not just for lettuce, this keeper has settings for other veggies as well. A water reservoir helps to keep them moist and last up to two weeks in the fridge.  Progressive International even makes a collapsable version if your space is limited.

lettuce keeper


13. Mason jars – If large batch juicing is your thing, you’ll need to store the juice properly.  These Ball mason jars are nice because they have a wide mouth, a tight seal, and hold one serving of juice per jar.

mason jars


14. Stainless steel bottle – Glass is breakable and plastic leaches chemicals, so how do you take juice on the go?  Stainless steel bottles are now all the rage.  Look for an insulated version like this one by Contigo.  It holds 16 ounces (one serving) and comes in a variety of colors.  The customer ratings on this product are very high.

stainless steel bottle


15. Glass straws – Anytime I drink juice or smoothies I absolutely must use a straw. Don’t know how I started doing that but there is no going back now.  The downside to using straws everyday is the landfill waste it creates.  Enter the glass straw!  Yes you heard me, glass!  These straws from Strawesome are fun, creative, and designed to be used under most any of your drinking circumstances. My favorite of course is the bendy straw.

glass straw

So there you have it.  Carey’s list of 15 Cool Gadgets for Juicing and Beyond. Do you have any cool gadgets that are must haves in  your kitchen?  Let us know in the comments below!


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