Prepare Your Body for Juice Cleansing

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So you’ve decided to do a juice cleanse. Maybe you watched the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and it inspired you so much that you want to go right out to the store, buy up a cart load of veggies and start your cleanse tomorrow. Am I right? Juice cleansing is a great idea and I’d like to share some tips on how to prepare your body for juice cleansing.

Before you start any juice fasting program you first need to prepare the body to accept the clean and healthy juices. You have to get the body and mind in alignment. Yes, your mind might be ready to jump right in, but if you do that your body will suffer. (Did you skip over that little part in the movie when Joe Cross spent three days in bed because he didn’t prepare his body?) You definitely want to prepare for your cleanse. You will get better and longer lasting results with less pain.


juice cleansing


Preparing Your Body

Your body is like a canvas. Preparing the body to cleanse is very similar to preparing a canvas to paint a work of art. I’ve spent many years as a professional artist and each time I have the inspiration to paint I always prepare the canvas first. ALWAYS. If I don’t prepare the canvas with a gesso, or texture or underpainting, my paints will not give me the desired results.

Likewise, I always prepare my body before cleansing. When I prepare the body for juice cleansing I get results of longer lasting weight loss, less side effects and a generally happier cleanse.

Steps to Prepare for Juice Cleansing

How you prepare your body’s canvas will depend on your level of health, and the length of your cleanse. I start preparing my body to cleanse at least one week before the cleanse. This gives my body time to adjust and reduces any initial side effects such as headaches.

Here are some suggestions:

• Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet so that your body will recognize them when you start your cleanse.

• Cut back or eliminate red meats, cheeses, and packaged foods

• Eat fiber rich foods or take a fiber supplement

• Use an herbal cleanse product to tone an build your body’s system. I recommend Total Body Cleanse.

• Drink more water

• Substitute one juice or tea for your morning coffee to cut down on coffee addiction


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