Preparing for a Juice Cleanse

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Juice cleansing really isn’t something you should decide to do today and start the very next day. Your body, your mind, and your refrigerator need some preparation. Here are a few things to remember when planning your juice cleanse:

Set the date – Plan to do a cleanse on the weekend or during a period of low stress.  Set this date to begin about a week or more in the future to allow yourself enough time to get used to the idea and follow through with the steps below.

Get rid of toxins – You might think that by juicing you’re removing all toxins, but think again.  Do you consume alcohol, caffeine, red meat or dairy?  These are sources of toxins and if you continue to eat these, you’ll hinder your cleansing process. To help your body cleanse, begin eliminating these things from your diet a week before the cleanse.

The mental zone – Your state of mind can either make or break your success with a juice cleanse.  During your cleanse, once your hunger has subsided, your mind may still think it needs food.  Prepare for this possibility with daily affirmations.  Have faith that you will be able to finish the cleanse.

Equipment and recipes – You will need a juice machine to make the juice.  This is different from a blender.  A juice machine separates the juice from the fiber.  If this is your first cleanse, you may be wondering about recipes.  You can find some recipes on my site here, or consider purchasing a book of recipes.  The one I recommend is called The Juicing Bible.

Prepare your fruits and vegetables – It’s best to shop for your produce a day or so in advance.  You can wash the vegetables and cut most of them so they’ll be ready to make juice on the spot.  Remember to cut them into sizes that will fit into your juicer.

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