Prepare for a Spring Detox

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Spring is near!   As winter transitions to spring, so can we transition and slough off old energies, feelings, and ailments.  This is the perfect time to cleanse and detox our bodies.  As you’ll see in this first video Dr. Isaac Eliaz recommends that the first step in detox is to define what you want to get rid of.  Make a list of the physical and/or emotional toxins you’d like to release and why you want to release them.  This aligns the mind into a clear purpose to ensure best results from your detox program.

A spring detox program should especially focus on the liver and gallbladder.  In this next video Dr. Eliaz explains the best way to add the lemon juice cleanse to your diet and how to aid the detoxification process of the body through diet and exercise.  You may or may not choose to fast during this time, however it is important to consume lots of fresh greens in your diet for optimal health and detox.

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