Juice Detox

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Detox Your Body with a Simple Juice Cleanse

Drinking fresh juice that has been separated from the plant fibers is one simple way to detoxify your body. This makes the nutrients easier to absorb by your body and allows your digestive tract to rest. Why does the digestive tract need to rest? Think back to the last week or month. How many times have you fed our body fast food, ice cream, chips, or heavy meals?  When you overload your system with these types of meals, some of the food that the body can’t digest gets stored away and eventually becomes toxic.  Just as you need a break from your work week, so does your colon need a break from its heavy work load!

Your body can detoxify itself if you give it a rest.

A juice detox can be as simple as replacing one meal a day with healthy fruit and vegetable juice. Or you may want to detoxify by drinking only juice for one day each week.  Personally, I like to replace my morning meal with juice because that’s the time of day when I’m most positive and am in the right frame of mind to think healthy thoughts!

Tip: Don’t make it too complicated.  Use fresh vegetables and fruits that you have already in your refrigerator.  You can start with a fruit like apples, add some carrots or cucumbers, then add some celery, spinach or other leafy greens.

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