Fruit Juice Cleanse

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Fruit has many benefits for a juice cleanse. Lemons are alkalizing. Grapes purify the blood. Oranges contain loads of vitamin C. Apples may strengthen your bones and lower your cholesterol.

So why do some experts tell you to stay away from fruits when juice cleansing? These fruits, while beneficial, also contains a lot of sugar. Natural, yes, but sugar nonetheless. I have found that when I’m juicing, if I consume too many fruits, it makes me rather shaky. This is because fruits actually speed up the detoxifying process. Detoxifying too quickly can cause many side effects.

If you want to add fruits into your juice detox plan, I suggest limiting them to your morning juice, or adding only one type of fruit to a vegetable juice blend. Prepare for your cleanse by eliminating processed foods and caffeine at least one week prior. This may help reduce side effects.

Should people with diabetes avoid eating fruits? Here is Dr. Andrew Weil’s viewpoint.

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