5 Reasons You Should Juice Beetroot

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juice beetroot

Guest post by John McIntyre

When it comes to juicing, pretty much all fruits and vegetables are superb. When you add up the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and all the other good thing that take refuge in fresh produce, you end up with a powerful and super-nutritious drink.

If you’re new to juicing, you’ve probably had a lot of fun juicing fruits and (if you’re a little adventurous) perhaps a few vegetables. But I’ve got to tell you – vegetables are where it’s at!

Fruits are often high in sugar so while nutritious aren’t the perfect thing to juice too much. This is where vegetables come in. They are very low on sugar and very high on health-charging and vitality increasing nutrients.

And of the vegetables you can juice, beetroot stands out like nothing else. If you haven’t started juicing beetroot yet, then here are five massive reasons why you can’t wait any longer.

1. Beetroot cools and purifies the blood.

2000 years ago the Romans caught onto the healing power of beetroot and its nutritious juice. They discovered that it had a super powerful ability to cool and purify the blood. This is due to the iron it’s bursting with (you’ll hear more about this below).

After a glass of beetroot juice, minerals and natural sugars surge into your blood and make you feel amazing. If I pay attention I can feel it in under five minutes.

2. Beetroot is a potent liver cleanser.

When your liver is blocked, dirty and otherwise not performing well you feel like crap. It saps your energy, can make you feel tired and has serious health complications if left unchecked.

At the other end of the spectrum, a clean and healthy liver will make you feel amazing. It’s not something which will sit in the background; instead, it’s like being hit with a massive energy and vitality boost.

And if you’re the sort that likes to drink lots of alcohol, beetroot juice is even more important.

3. Beetroot kick starts your digestive system.

When your digestive system is running on empty, it doesn’t do you any favors. You’re much more likely to put on weight as your body won’t be processing food properly.

And any food you do put in (no matter how good) will probably be wasted. If your digestive system is tired, it’s going to have a hard time pulling nutrients out of the food you eat. But this is why juicing is so amazing. It takes out the digestive process and gives health-enriching nutrients to the body in an easy to digest form.

The great thing about beetroot juice is that while it is easily digested, it also steps your digestive system up a few levels. The carbohydrates and natural sugars will give your digestive system a healthy wakeup call.

4. Say goodbye to iron deficiency.

Iron is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system, energy production and also the successful operation of many enzymes. An iron deficiency typically results in low energy, ulcers, poor digestion, arthritis and a whole host of other problems. It’s best if you fix this problem quickly.

Fortunately, beetroot is filled to the brim with iron. It’s got more than spinach even! This means it’s going to smash right through any iron deficiency that you may have.

5. Beetroot eliminates cancer.

As with all fruits and vegetables, beetroot prevents cancer. It’s loaded with tough little antioxidants which are the body’s personal bodyguard unit. Their mission is to dispose and eliminate cancerous growths caused by free-radicals in the body. The more antioxidants you have, the stronger you’ll be when cancer knocks on your door.

As for recipe ideas, try beetroot, celery, grapefruit, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and turmeric. I call it the liver cleanser and yes, it does exactly what its title says it does.

So get into it – go juice some beetroot and feel amazing already.

About the author: John McIntyre is the resident juicer of Healthy-Juicing.com and is on a quest to help people with the immense power of juicing.

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