Preparing Your Body for Cleansing

artwork by Carey Kingsbury

So you’ve decided to do a juice cleanse. Maybe you watched the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and it inspired you so much that you want to go right out to the store, buy up a cart load of veggies and start your cleanse tomorrow. Am I right? That’s great and all, but have […]

Win a Free Guided Reboot


I know I don’t have to say it, but I love Joe Cross. Who doesn’t? Joe’s story of juice fasting has inspired millions of people  around the globe to take control of their own health by getting fruits and veggies into their lives. In an effort to help others succeed Joe created Reboot Your Life, […]

Hungry For Change Review and DVD Giveaway


  So many people wake up in the mornings and they are tired, sick, and generally not happy with themselves and their lives. Statistics in the Journal of American Medical Association show that 68% of US adults are overweight or obese. How did this happen, really? And how do we get ourselves out of this condition? […]

Turbocharge Your Juicing Success With These 5 Tips


There is a lot written these days about the rising levels of obesity and accompanying epidemic of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Less than 10-15% of Americans and Australians are consuming the recommended 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables per day. Instead our bodies are bombarded with processed food packed with fat, […]

Mean Green Juice Recipes


No doubt that the healthiest juices are the ones that contain greens.  Green leafy vegetables contain the most vitamins and nutrients, and you’ll feel almost instantly better after drinking a green juice. Many of my readers have been asking me for green juice recipes and in particular the “Mean Green” juice recipe made by Joe […]

Start a Juice Fast Like Joe Cross


Who is Joe Cross you ask?  In many ways Joe is (was) a typical person.  Like many Americans and also Australians (where Joe is from) he worked too hard, played too hard, and ate too much.  After years of this self abuse Joe tipped the scales at over 300 lbs.  The extra weight caused health […]