Share Your Success Story

Personal stories of success have the power to change lives if we share them. Do you have a success story to share?

Have you lost weight from eating a healthy plant based diet? Or improved a chronic health condition after doing a juice cleanse? Have you gained self esteem, a new job or a new relationship as a result of changing your mindset?

The world wants to know! There is someone out there who could benefit from hearing your story. Your story could be featured on one of our natural health web sites or magazines: My Juice Cleanse, Fresh Natural Living, or Juice and Blend Magazine.

Simply write down your story and send it to us.

Need help getting your story down in writing? Here are a few suggestions you may use help get you started:

  • Describe your transition from the Standard American Diet to a Fresh Plant Based Diet, including vegetarian, vegan, raw food, juicing, or blending.
  • Did you read any books or watch any films that changed your perspective on healthy eating, exercise, or mindset? How did you put that into action?
  • What was your motivation for changing your habits?
  • Did you experience an “a-ha” moment in your life or has your success been one of gradual change?
  • Have you experienced change in a health condition as a result of changing your diet or lifestyle? Describe your condition and how it changed.
  • How has your mind, body, or spirit changed as a result of a Fresh Plant Based Diet or a detoxification plan?
  • What tips, exercises, or recipes did you learn along the way that may help others on their journey?

Form your story with personal details.  Include any experiences, feelings, setbacks, and triumphs that you are willing to share. Use a word processing program to write your story until you are satisfied, then copy and paste it into the form below.

For best impact include high resolution before and after photos (just do your best, we know that not everyone has the foresight to take a nice before picture).

Please submit your story and upload your photos directly to Aurabelle LLC for consideration. You will be notified only if your story is published. We reserve the right to edit any errors in grammar or logic.


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