Being You

beingyouYesterday, quite by accident I stumbled upon a Facebook group dedicated to a friend that had passed many years ago, just before his 23rd birthday. We had dated briefly just before he had gotten sick and discovered that he had cancer. Oh how I adored him! Greg had the biggest, brightest smile and he had this way of making everyone around him feel good. Even during his cancer treatments he would make jokes and lighten the energy of the situation. He was simply amazing, as everyone sharing stories on the tribute page will agree.

It got me to thinking about all the people in my life who have made a positive impact on me just by being who they were. Have I ever told them how they’ve made my life better? Do they even know?

You make the world a better place just by being you. Do you know what your best qualities are? What would your family and friends say about you? Well, maybe you should ask.

I’m working on Marie Forleo’s B School this year and we have an exercise on this topic. The assignment is to ask at least 25 people what our three best qualities are. According to my friends and family my three best qualities are creativity, compassion, and vision. These do ring true with my heart and how I want to share myself with the world. It feels good to know that people see me and feel my true intentions.

I encourage you to do the same, find out how the people in your world see you, what they appreciate about you. I can guarantee you do impact the lives of others, probably in ways you are unaware of or take for granted. Your best qualities are unique to you and the world needs to be lifted by your presence. Embrace your greatness and let it shine.

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    Excellent thoughts and very wise words. I’m curious about how you are enjoying Marie’s B-school. I thought about doing it, but I think I will be more ready later this year or next. Thanks for your words, it prompts some introspection for sure. :)