My Smoothie Detox Results

smoothieLast week I wrote about smoothies and told you that I was going to do a 3 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge.  It was going to be my first time doing a smoothie only cleanse and I invited you to join me.  So did any of you do the challenge too?

There was a four day prep time which I used to cut out what little caffeine I was consuming and to increase my consumption of green leafy veggies. I bought some fresh produce, including bananas, and pulled out my blender.

Note:  A smoothie cleanse is different than a juice cleanse because smoothies don’t separate the fiber out from the juice.  Instead the whole fruits and veggies are blended together.

The Question

I just had one question.  Would I be able to get the same detox results from smoothies as I would from juice in the same amount of time?

The Process

Each day I drank one or two green smoothies, one savory blended soup, and one fruit or chocolate (raw cacao) smoothie.

Along with my blended drinks I increased my intake of water, so as expected I took more potty breaks the first day.  My energy levels went a bit low on the first day but picked up again to the point I felt more focused and optimistic.  I could categorize this as the same as a juice cleanse, but more subdued. I did experience a slight headache and some of the typical lightheaded or “spacey-ness” on the first day which was cured by a good night’s sleep.

The smoothies did seem to satisfy my hunger longer than juices, due to the inclusion of fiber.  The presence of fiber also resulted in soft and regular bowel movements.  I also experienced a sense of grounding or a solid feeling, which I attribute to the fiber.

My emotions were steady, so no issues there.  I did still have some of the same psychological hunger thoughts and conditioned behavior of going to look in the refrigerator.

The Conclusion

All in all, the smoothie detox is very similar to the juice cleanse. The intensity was about one-third of what I experience during juicing.  I imagine the releasing of toxins was probably about one-third as well.  As I said in my earlier post, smoothie cleanses usually last about 21-28 days in order to achieve the same results of a 3-10 day juice cleanse.

The Recommendation

I do recommend the 3 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge.  It was fun because I was able to eat foods like bananas and avocados.  This would be a good introduction cleanse for someone who is nervous about taking the full leap into a juicing cleanse.  Smoothies also make great transition meals before and after a fast, so I could see doing a 3 day smoothie detox then 3 days of juicing, for example.

Your Thoughts

Did you try the smoothie challenge?  How were your results?  Does this review make you want to try it for yourself?




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  1. Leslie jackson says

    I don’t know where I was. It I didn’t see the original post. Thanks for the info! I just did a 3 day juice cleanse…and now I have a ton of cucumber and kale left over. Thinking of another 3 days? I feel so good after a cleanse…

  2. Terry says

    I have crohns disease and am worried that all the green veggies are gonna make me gassy and crampy, but I feel so tired and unhealthy that I am willing to try this. I am 48 years old and have had 2 heart attacks in the past year. I try to eat light or fat free. No fried foods. I dont smoke or drink. My cardiologist and gastroenterologist are not gonna recommend this. They know nothing about nutrition. What do you suggest I start out doing?

    • Chauntae says

      Visit a holistic doctor as well as the Hippocrates Institute or an institute similar in your area. They teach people to relearn attitudes, cooking, internal cleansing, etc. I’ve seen several friends and family healed of cancer and kidney issues. I believe that how we think relative to being healed is half the battle. Please consult with the above and see yourself healed. Research foods that will cleanse your veins and arteries of plague, and stay away from those things and people that may add stress to your life! Go to the library and check out the movie, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, if you haven’t already done so. Organic may be expensive but your are worth the price of foods not soaked in pesticides. Another good informative, and surprising movie is “Food Inc”. May you be healed soon. God bless.

  3. says

    Interesting. I’m on day 2 of a 3 day juice cleanse ( So far so good, though I’m feeling a little hungry now. I had a headache last night, and felt queasy, which I understand is normal. Today is good so far.

  4. maribeth says

    I have a liver disease is it safe to cleanse I heard carrots parsley and celery juice is ok. but then I still eat meals. when you cleanse do you just drink the juice and eat nothing fot the 3-10 days of juicing

    • Carey says

      Yes, the carrots, parsley, and celery can help. Juice them once per day, then eat healthy meals. The liver is one of the primary organs of detoxification so I would suggest you get in touch with an herbalist or naturopathic doctor to help you further strengthen your liver and immune system before fasting.

  5. says

    i did a 10 day juice cleanse just recently! i’m not gonna lie, it was torture for a while, but i had fun. i’d do it again. i think another difference between a smoothie and juice cleanse is the fact that you’d be better off juicing veggies than blending them. blending them would seem gross…”yeah, i’m having a cantaloupe/strawberry/cucumber/kale/spinach smoothie.” gross. haha.

    • Carey says

      I agree Sierra, haha! However I’ve found that most any veggie smoothie tastes great when you add a banana!

      • Dee says

        Sierra, I agree with Carey…I would also add that green apples and a bit of ginger also helps the taste. I love juicing with those three important ingredients –Enjoy!!!

  6. says

    I just started the juicing thing this week, but it’s for my son. I just found out he has a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and he can’t have sugar anymore. Since most sugar-free fruit juices in the store are either expensive or sweetened with toxins I decided to try making his juices at home. So far, so good. Luckily my lil guy loves fruits and veggies anyway, but juicing is a way for me to give him something besides almond milk and water in his sippy :). Thank you for the great recipe ideas and such :).

  7. Mel says

    I started doing a juice cleanse Wednesday night (I had a juice for lunch that day to ease into it) and then had exclusively just all the next day (Thursday) My first four juices I bought premade from a local juice bar. I decided to go out and buy a juicer and veggies to do it myself for the remainder of my cleanse but my “juicier” (the Nutribullet) really just makes smoothies (I mean the Mean Green today and it is much more of a puree than juice). I guess I should have done more research before! Anyway, so I have smoothies to drink today, and I think I will alternate juice from the shop or Whole Foods and my own smoothies during this cleanse. I just don’t want to go buy another juicer but the shop is too expensive to drink their products alone for a week (they offer a cleanse package starting at $50 a day). I am trying to do 7 days. Do you think it will still have good results if I do 50/50? I will try to come back with my results once complete. Thanks for posting these recipes!

    • Marlo says

      I bought a paint strainer bag from Lowe’s, 2/$4 or so. I put the smoothie into the strainer bag and drain/squeeze out the juice. Works perfectly, and I don’t have another large appliance to clean or store.

  8. Susan Oliveira says

    I am just getting used to using a juicer, It is small but i paid only $ 9for it at Goodwill. Until I know what I want for a Juicer. This is my first attempt at a cleanse so I need all the advice y’all can give me, Carrie what type of smoothies would you recommend. I plan my cleanse start date as July 22nd. What shloud I do this week? I read eliminate caffeine….is lemon water tea OK.

    Peace everyone and best wishes on your personal Journey


    • Carey says

      I bought one of my juicers used. I think that’s a great way to get started! My advice is to start eating more fruits and veggies (and smoothies) as well as cutting out the caffeine before you start. Keep the body moving with walks/yoga/etc to help the cleansing process. You can find a ton of smoothie recipes here: or join the 3 day smoothie detox that I mention in the post. Good luck Susan.

  9. Angela says

    I’ve been considering a juice or smoothie cleanse and looked at some recipes. One of my first thoughts was, “These ingredients look delicious. Couldn’t I just eat the ingredients whole & raw? Would it provide the same benefits? Or would it be too difficult to consume & digest?” I’m already accustomed to eating raw fruits & veggies on a daily basis, and I exercise at least 1-2 hours daily including intense cardio, light weight toning, and yoga…but I’m trying to kick the detriments of some unhealthy food cravings I’ve been a slave to, for example cookies, yogurt, brown rice (brown rice is good, but I eat too much sometimes to curb my intense carb cravings!). So would it be OK if I ate the raw ingredients from juice/smoothie recipes? I’m just wondering because I know all too well that blenders/juicers are expensive, faddish, and all too often end up in second hand stores & junkyards. I want to be healthy & I want to be wise! Not to cross anyone who supports these smoothie/juice detoxes…I’m just considering a less-expensive, less-labor-intensive, less stressful, straighforward route to health & wellness.

    • Carey says

      Hi Angela, Eating raw fruits and veggies is certainly a great way to keep healthy on a daily basis. The reason I like to do periodic cleansing (especially with juices) is to help get rid of hidden toxins, cravings, and those last stubborn pounds. Fasting really is the best way to do this in my opinion because you can bypass digestion in order to let the body heal. As I said in the post, smoothies can also be good for this purpose, though it might take longer to detox/heal since there is some digestion happening. I use my juicer and/or blender every day so I think they are worthwhile investments.

      Hope this info is helpful to you :)

  10. Caryn Ludwig says

    I have been drinking green smoothies daily for over a year, since reading Green For Life. I do think Vitamix made smoothies are overall more nutritious since they include the entire fruit/vegetable. Fiber is very important for bowel health, which is why I prefer smoothies over juicing, long term. You also feel satisfied much longer, again, due to the fiber. I love all the nutrition related documentaries and websites out now that are helping to educate people on the need to rethink what they put in their mouths… really ARE what you eat. Watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead last night (again) made me want to do a cleanse since I have slipped a little over the summer and need to be more on track…. I like the fact that anyone can just decide TODAY to do something to reverse food abuse and start on the road to much better health and vitality. Thank for your website, information and inspiration!

  11. Shayla says

    Hi, can you send me a list of shopping ingredients/recipe in order to make 3 days worth of detox smoothies.. Thank you so much I appreciate it

    • mark says

      This should get you started. 1 apple or pear, huge handful of spinach, and a cup of water. Blend. Then you can add any of the following: 1/2 cucumber, parsley, zucchini, kale, lettuce, beets, frozen fruits(blueberries, mango, peaches, raspberries). I haven’t found any combination to be gross tasting. Chew your smoothie – mix each mouthful with saliva. Good luck!

  12. Rizlaine says

    Do you think it’s a good idea to combine juicing with smoothies
    like juicing the whole and instead of getting a big meal like lunch or dinner drink a smoothie because it calms the hunger more . I tought of this because i do feel hungry when juicing
    By the way your website is just amazing

  13. Jo Croft says

    I started a juice fast today, I was a little nervous as I’m a diabetic but I enjoyed my breakfast juice (luckily it tasted better than it smelled) about mid morning I started feeling a little dizzy so had the rest of the juice as the recipe I followed made loads. I started with a headache then around lunch time, so I had to get something to eat so I just snacked on raw carrot unfortunately started feeling quite I’ll this evening so I had a proper dinner but only ate raw veg in a wrap. So I think I’m deffinitely going to have to modify this juice cleanse. I’m hoping it will still do me some good.