3 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge

Green SmoothieBefore I started juicing (years ago) I was quite a smoothie enthusiast, especially in the summertime.  It was a fun family sport that we participated in nearly every morning.  But I have a couple of confessions to make.

Green Smoothies?

Firstly, I thought all smoothies were fruit smoothies.  Who knew you could make green smoothies by adding spinach?  And why would you want to?  Well I’ve since learned a thing or two and nowadays I almost always add greens to my smoothies.  (Really, a banana, pineapple, spinach smoothie is quite yummy!)

My second confession is that I’ve never done a smoothie detox.  To be quite honest I didn’t even know what detox was at the time I started making smoothies.  I just knew they were good and healthy.

Juicing versus Blending

Now, I don’t often write about smoothies on this blog, and there’s a reason for that.  This blog is about juicing and when I talk about smoothies, sometimes people get the two confused.  The main distinction between juicing and blending (smoothies) is that juicing removes the fiber.  For fasting purposes this is a good thing because the colon gets to rest and we flush out the toxins.

I’ve learned, however, that it is possible to cleanse with smoothies it’s just that it happens at a slower rate. Kind of like if you eat enough good foods, eventually the body regenerates.  For this reason, a typical smoothie detox  lasts 21-28 days.  Compare this to a 3-10 day complete juice fast.

But how should I know really?  I’ve never tried a smoothie detox.  That all changes today.  I’m going to do it.

The Challenge

I’ve signed up for the 3 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge hosted by my friend Tera Warner and I encourage all of you to take the challenge with me!  All the recipes and instructions, plus lots of info about smoothies are free of charge and you can start on any day that works for you (I’m starting this coming Monday).

Spring is here and I’m looking forward to shedding some of my winter blahs.  I’d love for you to join me in this challenge.  Maybe you’ve got some things you need to shed also.  It’s only three days.  What do you say?  All the details can be found here.

Will You Join Me?

Hey if you decide to join me in the 3 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge let me know in the comments below and we can support each other.  Because that’s what it’s all about – helping each other.





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  1. Brett says:

    I started 3 days ahead of you (juicing detox) and support you on this in spirit!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Monica says:

    I’m in and need support – I did my first 10 Day Juice Fast earlier this month but when I fell off the wagon I fell into a barrel of sugar. I have made several attempts to get back into juicing but I can’t seem to go “all in”. I hope this works for both of us! :)

  3. Carey says:

    Here’s a great resource for green smoothie recipes http://www.incrediblesmoothies.com/green-smoothie-recipes/

    Hope everyone is doing well on the challenge!

  4. Peter says:

    Would like to share a recipe for a really delicious green smoothie. We had this at our store and it was very popular.

    Here it is:

    banana, mango, spinach, green superfood, apple cider

    Try this combo and you’ll be surprisingly amazed of how good it tastes.


  5. Cami says:

    So excited for your 3 day detox – I know you can do it and you will feel AMAZING!!! :)

  6. Larry says:

    You folks sound like you are having a great time; I am with you, But…

    I have been doing Smoothies for years and often include spinach, cabbage, kale, green onion, lettuce, carrots etc. into the mix. I drink 16 – 30 ounces of Smoothies each morning that normally include at least three of the veggies with at least 4 different fresh and/or frozen fruits in each Breakfast Smoothie. I called it the “kitchen sink” cause it has the 3+ veggies, but also not less than 4 of either; ginger root, Honey, nuts, dried cranberries, yogurt, prunes and olive oil . Am I doing myself a dis-service by incorporating too many foods? And, more importantly, does the Honey (sweetener) detract from the benefits of the Greens?

  7. Becky says:

    I’m on day 2 of juicing cleanse. I am aiming for 10 days and since I’m so early on…I feel like poo! Nausea, headache, moody…I knew to expect this though. I was going to eat salad at lunch in addition to 3 or 4 smoothies a day. I will make my own dressing from olive oil and apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Should I not do the salads at all and just keep juicing? If you recommend blending, isn’t eating a salad virtually the same, my teeth being the blender? I don’t want to “cheat” but feel maybe a salad each day would make it easier and handier to take to work. Please, any feedback is appreciated!

  8. candice says:

    So I am on day 2 of my juice cleanse. OMG I am starving!! to top it off I have an insane head cold! I have never been so greatful for a regular v8 in my life! Some of the juices on the 3 day cleanse taste like poop!!

  9. Valerie says:

    Gonna start juicing as of tomorrow I’m soo excited that I finally got my juicer!…I’m going on a cruise sept 1 and I need to lose 14 lbs,.I think it can be done!…please support me in this quest!

    • Peter says:

      Way to go Valerie. How many days of cleanse are you doing? Just make sure to properly come off it. Not to eat the heavy stuff right away.

  10. marie says:

    heyyy this is kool… i’d love to start detox asap… never done one before, but i am finally listening to what my body needs and wants…. detox sounds the perfect start…so where do i start… and thanx hepz for your offer to help.lol xoxo

  11. marie says:

    yayyy so where do i start xoxo

  12. marifel papa says:

    I will join you on ur challenge.

  13. Clautina says:

    I am ready to join the 3day challenge. Please provide details and I am ready to get started.

    • Carey says:

      Great Clautina!

      Click the link in the post above that says “3 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge”. Then sign up with your email and the materials will be sent to you.

  14. Jamie says:

    Started juicing today. Very excited to see results and to find out if I’m going to feel any different… Was not expecting the absolute horrendous headache though . Im drinking a lot of water as well. I love the flavours of the juice and I’m saving the pulp fir my daughter whose son wont eat vegies etc shes going to use it in his meals :) hoping I can last out these first few days :) Anyone else with the headaches??

  15. charlotte says:

    any one lose weight with this?

  16. Norma Salcedo says:

    Would like to begin your 3 day smoothie cleanse. How do I begin?


  17. Roz says:

    So I’m a newbie and needed some help with cleansing. Thank u Carey for popping up in my google search. I signed up the challenge. My juicer arrived yesterday so I’m ready. Trust me..this will literally be the biggest challenge of my new year.

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